Parliament/Funkadelic George Clinton Costume Design

These are some stage costume designs for funk legend George Clinton. The b&w sketches are a little clearer than the colored ones below because I did the lower sketches quickly while watching a dvd of a Parliament concert. They were done as ideations for Egytian/Art Deco-style costume for my Costume design class.

Parliament/Funkadelic are one of my favorite bands, not only did Parliament write great music but they also created hilarious stories and characters. I want to bring these to completion as a tribute to how much I'm inspired by and love Parliament/Funkadelic and how much I'm inspired by fellow artists every day.


  1. dude! thanks man! I love the set of characters, they are all very animated and gestural. the one that looks like lil john is my favorite. dude, for sure will hang out again, during the summer, cuss you know how crazy it gets at this time.

  2. This is great - do you have any sketches of him, like on the cover of "Mothership Connection?" Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Hello Paul Grab.
    I'm also a fan of the Parliament / Funkadelic. Congratulations sketches of costumes for this psychedelic style remain marked this media at the time had.
    Denis - Brazil -

  4. Paul,
    You're really good. I love your George Clinton aka Dr. Funkenstein!!!!