Parliament/Funkadelic George Clinton Costume Design

These are some stage costume designs for funk legend George Clinton. The b&w sketches are a little clearer than the colored ones below because I did the lower sketches quickly while watching a dvd of a Parliament concert. They were done as ideations for Egytian/Art Deco-style costume for my Costume design class.

Parliament/Funkadelic are one of my favorite bands, not only did Parliament write great music but they also created hilarious stories and characters. I want to bring these to completion as a tribute to how much I'm inspired by and love Parliament/Funkadelic and how much I'm inspired by fellow artists every day.


Just some drawings I do when I'm supposed to be doing homework.

Proterosuchus (WIP) and Materpiscis

I recently got corrected on my design for the Proterosuchus, apparently this is a more accurate depiction of the creature.

This summer I was fortunate enough to work at a TV production studio called Digital Ranch in Sherman Oaks, CA. I had fun working alongside two Art Center buddies Alfonso De La Torre and Sebastian Meyer. These are two designs for a production called "Animal Armageddon", which is about mass extinctions. I thank Alfonso and Sebastian for their advice and inspiring work on this project and my teacher Nick Pugh who recommended me for the job.

Figure Workshops at the Well of think

Some of the "best of". Sorry for the sporadic composition

Another speed painting from Scot Drake's Viscomm 6 class

Just another quickie. Ill be sure to touch this one up for the final. Advice would be most appreciated