Execute compelling material in the form of illustrations, graphic designs and 2-Dimensional content for any and all projects demanding visual art. Tell stories through dynamic illustrations. Provide creative solutions to industrial design problems.

2005-2010   Art Center College of Design     Pasadena, CA
Product Design/Illustration/Entertainment Design
Studied Industrial Design and Illustration, honed craft and presentation skills
Awarded Art Center and Coyne Family Foundation Scholarships
Art Center Student Gallery: Summer 2008 “Grim Fandango video game sequel development.”
Professional experience

April-May 2013 Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA)
Los Angeles, CA
-Provided homework help for Elementary, Middle, and High School-age students.
-Assisted HOLA visual art teachers by focusing on individual attention to HOLA visual art students and their creative assignments.
-Helped with care and cleanup of HOLA art studio materials.

January 2013 Prologue Films
Venice, CA
-Created 2D visual art assets for cinematic pitch to video game company Riot Games.

December 2012 Focus Talent & Promotions
Haddonfield, NJ
Brand Ambassador
-Handed-out free samples of Nutella, a hazelnut spread made by Ferrero, Inc., and provided information regarding nation-wide Nutella contest at various locations within Los Angeles.
-Assisted with set up and clean up of Nutella truck.

August 2010-September 2012 Mattel Inc.
El Segundo, CA
Associate Designer, Boys Entertainment
-Created designs, functions, colors & aesthetics for toys for Warner Brothers & DreamWorks Animation licensed properties.
-Developed and expanded content for Mattel’s Franchise Development department & other internal intellectual properties.
-Worked with outside vendors to execute & manage content for Mattel properties

June-August 2010 Eddie Yang Studio/THQ Inc.
Agoura Hills, CA
Asst. Art Director
-Outlined comments for revisions/digitally painted overlays over 3D model images for wrestling video games.

 2009-2010 “Bodyworks for Total Health”/Estelle Underwood (employer)
South Pasadena, CA
Graphic Designer/Illustrator
 -Created instructional imagery for personal exercise product.

Dec. 2009-March 2010 James Lemont Fogg Memorial Library
Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA
Library Assistant
-Sorted and shelved library inventory.

Summer 2008 Digital Ranch Productions/Abe Scheuermann
Sherman Oaks, CA
Concept Artist
-Provided orthographic illustrations for “Animal Planet” tv series, “Animal

Summer 2008 Thinkwell Design & Production/Randy Ewing
Burbank, CA
Artist Intern
-Worked on the conceptual visual aspects of various projects including museum exhibitions, theme parks, & resorts/hotel attractions.
-Gained knowledge of design for theme parks by working closely with staff designers and art directors.

Sept 2007-May 2009 Art Center College of Design
Pasadena, CA
Teacher’s Assistant
-Provided assistance with Art Center student fundamental drawing assignments for Scott Robertson’s Viscomm 2 and Norm Schureman’s Viscomm 4 classes.

May 2007-January 2008 Beckett Advisors, Inc.
Altadena, CA
Office Assistant
-Updated company databases through research.
-Established relationships with outside businesses through phone call interfacing.

August-Sept 2007 Art Center College of Design, Copy/Print Center
Copy Center Assistant
-Provided printing, copying, and bookbinding services for students & teachers.
-Re-stocked paper for campus printers.

April-June 2006 “”/Dallas Good (employer) Pasadena, CA
Concept Designer, Researcher
-Produced artwork and made ideations for an educational website system teaching form development.

January 2006-Sept 2007 Art Center College of Design: Pasadena High School, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.
High School Art Mentor
-Provided help and instructed students with various art, illustration & design projects.

Summers 2003-2005 South Pasadena High School Pool
Lifeguard/Swim Instructor
-Ensured safety of pool attendees.
-Taught swim lessons to children ages 3-12.
-Assisted with pool maintenance.


Traditional Media Skills: Pencil and Pen Sketching, Rapid Vis. Marker and chalk rendering. Acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting.
Basic model-making skills.
Digital Skills: Adobe Creative Suite: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
(Adobe InDesign (learning)
Google Sketchup
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, & Excel

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